This section was the hardest for me to write because talking about myself is not my favorite thing.  I value transparency and being real and never want to be anything other than genuine (ahem... except for hair color of course).  So every statement I make about myself, I have to question, "Is that really me or is that what I want people to think about me?"  Listen, I'm a concrete thinker so I don't do well in the realm of self-examination.

Here is what I know: I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus, I love my husband, and I am so grateful for the 5 little people God has blessed our family with.  Those are my priorities.  

When I'm not taking pictures, you'll find me at home doing some of my favorite things:  drinking coffee, doing school or playing in creeks with my kids, eating ice cream with my husband, vacuuming, reading (fiction), refilling my coffee cup, or mowing the grass. 

Other random bits of information about me: I prefer color and pictures on every wall of my home (an empty wall screams out at me), I love to laugh
(at things like this), I get excited about big gaudy necklaces, and I think every season should be Fall.


The Bible says God uniquely created each human being in His image and likeness.
My goal as a photographer is to capture those special qualities that make you YOU!

I can’t help but smile when I look at pictures of my family on the walls of my home, even if I’m having a hard day. Those pictures are a visual reminder that family is a gift. My desire for Be Thou My Vision Photography is to encourage that same heart of thankfulness in my clients. If people come away from a photo-session celebrating God's design of humanity, marriage and family through my photos, I have done what I set out to do.