Three Things I Love About Being A Photographer in Harrisonburg, VA

Family Portrait in Harrisonburg, VA

Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains, fields and farms, is the town of Harrisonburg, which has been my home for twenty years.  I guess that officially makes me a “townie” now!  As I drive down country roads, I still find myself gasping when I come over a hill and catch a glimpse of the sun setting over the Allegheny Mountains.    Each morning, from the windows of my house I get to view the splendor of the sun rising above the Blue Ridge.  Even after twenty years here, it never gets old.   Over the years, I have started a family and this photography business, which I’m so incredibly grateful for!

Being a photographer in the Shenandoah Valley certainly has it’s perks!  I am never short of incredible locations, friendly people and amazing families as my clients!  Photography has not only been a blessing to my family but personally, it brings me great joy to photograph your family and little ones!  Here are the top three things I love about being a photographer in Harrisonburg, VA.

1.     The views of the Shenandoah Valley are just stunning

Being in the Shenandoah valley, no matter which direction you turn, you’re surrounded by incredible views which make it easy to find locations for portrait sessions.  From the more central-to-town spots like the JMU Arboretum with it’s manicured gardens or Purcell Park with it’s big open fields and beautiful trees in the fall to the incredible George Washington National Forest or Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, finding spots to take my clients is a breeze!   Plus, we are surrounded by acres and acres of gorgeous farms and have mountain views just 20 minutes from the center of town, in both directions.   My personal favorite spots are when we find beautiful field on a farm that has a view of the sun setting over the mountains.  I am always in awe of God’s handiwork!

2. The Down to Earth People

 I may be biased but I really love living in this town!  I love the diversity of our area, from the incredible international community to the diverse religious groups with deep roots here.  I love that we can hear so many languages spoken when we’re out shopping and also see a horse and buggy going down the streets!  In my experience, the people here are kind and down-to-earth which makes for amazing clients and friends!

3. Harrisonburg Is A Great Place To Raise a Family

 Being a moderately sized town is what gives Harrisonburg it’s charm, in my opinion.  I love that my family can recognize and be recognized by people in our community because it’s small enough.  We love seeing familiar faces in our favorite spots like Mr J’s Bagels, where we get bagels every Tuesday, the librarians at Massanutten Regional Library in downtown Harrisonburg that we visit weekly, and the amazing people at the Explore More Discovery Museum, which has been a favorite spot of my family for years!   I love the slow-paced life offered here and think it’s perfect for a family with young children.

There are lots of other reasons I’m glad to be in this town and to have this incredible job of photographing families but those are just a few for now!

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