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As a vulnerable season, pregnancy can also be one of the most empowering. As the time for childbirth approaches, it is essential that every woman can make her own choices as to how she would ideally like her birth to proceed. Suppose you are pregnant (or planning to be!) and live in the Staunton, Virginia area. In that case, Dr. Heather Soper and her team at Genesis for Birth can help ensure you are prepared to welcome your new baby into the world. The team safely and respectfully manages your delivery so it can be everything you hope it to be. Genesis Midwifery provides excellent personal support through your pregnancy and birthing journey.

About Genesis Midwifery

Dr. Heather Soper, a certified nurse midwife, runs Genesis for Birth. Their team also includes two qualified birth assistants, one of whom is also a qualified midwife and the other a doula and breastfeeding coach. Furthermore, their mission is to provide personalized midwifery care for an empowering pregnancy and birth experience that is fulfilling for women and their families.

Their organization’s values include: 

  • education (to equip each woman to make the decisions she needs to make confidently), 
  • partnership (respect for a woman’s own knowledge, experience, and wisdom), 
  • compassion (understanding, kindness, respect, active listening, empathy), 
  • continuity (mutual relationship, trust, and seeing specifically Heather for every single visit), 
  • safety, and 
  • Whole Woman care (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.) 

Commitment to these well-rounded values at their organization’s roots sets Genesis for Birth apart from other midwife and birth assistance teams.

mom to be with a flower headband and white maternity gown holds her bump in a grassy field Genesis Midwifery


Heather is available to assist with home births, including in-home prenatal care, bloodwork, and a 22-week in-home fetal anatomy ultrasound. During your homebirth, Heather’s presence allows the mother-to-be to have total freedom of movement in the comfort of her own home. 

At the same time, Heather manages to monitor protocols to ensure that mother and baby are safe with minimal disruptions to the labor process. 

Once your birth is over, Heather provides in-home postpartum and newborn care with frequent visits. You’ll have direct access to her via email or phone for any questions. 

Safety is a huge priority for Heather and her team, and she brings a wide variety of supplies and materials to each birth to ensure she is prepared in an emergency. For extra precaution, she also coordinates with EMS in case of obstetric emergencies that may arise, albeit very rarely.

Suppose you are planning on a hospital birth but are still interested in working with Heather as a doula. In that case, you will still get the same in-home prenatal care, though you will transfer to an OB at 36 weeks to get to know your birth team before your big day arrives. She also provides breastfeeding coaching and in-home postpartum care. 

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In addition to prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care, Genesis for Birth provides in-home women’s healthcare, including: 

  • annual wellness exams, 
  • preconception counseling, 
  • postpartum depression counseling, and 
  • even telehealth gynecology. 

They eventually hope to add in-home pediatrics to their extensive list of services by 2024.

Genesis Midwifery

Genesis for Birth truly believes in educating, empowering, and compassionately caring for the women they serve. With their years of experience delivering and caring for babies and their mothers, Genesis Midwifery may be the perfect team to help you organize the birth experience you’ve always wanted. 

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