The Best Places To Go Strawberry Picking in Harrisonburg, VA

Little girl in a white dress in an orchard near Harrisonburg, VA
If you’re anything like me, then the warmer May temperatures make you want to head out to a local farm to pick strawberries in Harrisonburg, VA!   My kids always love to help and we end up with a TON of berries to snack on and cook with!  It always brings us a ton of joy to pick strawberries in May, blueberries in the summer, and apples each fall and we love supporting local farmers!  So without further ado, I am happy to tell you about a few of my favorite places to go strawberry picking in Harrisonburg, VA and nearby!  Down below, I’ll also include farms that grow other berries and fruit and allow you to pick you own.  Be sure to call each farm before you visit to make sure they have not sold out and to confirm when their fruit is in season.  And as always, please be respectful while strawberry picking and be sure not to pick berries or other fruit that you do not plan to buy.
Strawberry picking in Harrisonburg, VA and other u-pick farms

Strawberry Picking near Harrisonburg, VA

Woods Edge Farm🍓

  • Website
  • Address: 3930 Cromer Rd, Harrisonburg, VA, United States, Virginia
  • Phone Number:(540) 466-3622
  • What they grow:  Berries and vegetables year round that are grown to organic standards, though they do not have the official certification.
Overlook Produce 🍓
  • Website
  • Address: 609 Friedens Church RD Mt Crawford VA
  • Phone Number: (540) 421-6913
  • What they grow: strawberries in May, black raspberries in June, and pumpkins in September/October
Spring Creek Farm and Produce 🍓
  • Website
  • Address: 7892 Nazarene Church Rd, Bridgewater, VA 22812
  • Phone Number: (540) 830-5669
  • What they grow: strawberries in May and June and pumpkins in September/October
Critzer Family Farm 🍓🍑🍎
  • Website
  • Address: 9388 Critzer Shop Road Afton, VA 22920
  • Phone Number: (540) 241 3305
  • What they grow: strawberries in May, black and red raspberries, cherries, peaches and apples
Chiles Orchard 🍑🍓🫐🍎
  • Website
  • Address: 1351 Greenwood Road, Crozet, VA 22932
  • Phone Number: 434.823.1583
  • What they grow: strawberries in May, blueberries in June/July, peaches in mid-June to early September, apples in September to November, blackberries (in 2024)

Mom and daughters in family photography session by Be Thou My Vision Photography

Other Local Farms and What They Grow

Cross Keys Farm 🍑🍎
  • Website
  • Address: 3022 Cross Keys Road, Harrisonburg, VA, United States, Virginia
  • Phone Number: (434) 953-6661
  • What they grow: red, black, and yellow raspberries mid-June, blackberries in July, peaches in July, raspberries in September-October, pears in August, and apples in September-October

Hobbit Hill 🫐

  • Website
  • Address: 6460 Showalter Road, Mount Crawford, VA
  • Phone Number: (540) 234-9607
  • What they grow: organic blueberries in June/July

Hickory Hill Farm 🫐

  • Website
  • Address: 3034 Fruit Farm Ln, Keezletown, VA 22832
  • What they grow: no-spray blueberries
Ratliff’s Blueberry Farm 🫐
  • Website
  • Address: 19101 Ratliff Ln, Timberville, VA
  • Phone Number: (540) 542-9438
  • What they grow: blueberries in July
Showalter Orchard 🍑🍎
  • Website
  • Address: 17768 Honeyville Rd, Timberville, VA 22853
  • Phone Number: 540-896-7582
  • What they grow: peaches in July and apples in the fall
Paughs Orchard 🍎🍑
  • Website
  • Address: 5591 Senedo Road, Quicksburg, VA, 22847
  • Phone Number: (540) 740-8028
  • What they grow: peaches in July and apples in mid-September
Carter Mountain Orchard 🍎🍑
  • Website
  • Address: 1435 Carters Mountain Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22902
  • Phone Number: 434.977.1833
  • What they grow: peaches in June and apples in September to November

Spring Valley Orchard🍒

  • Website
  • Address: 3526 Spring Valley Road, Afton, VA 22920
  • Phone Number: 434.960.9443
  • What they grow: Sweet cherries in June
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Little girl and her mom near Harrisonburg, VA by Be Thou My Vision Photography

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