The Most Recommended Pediatric Dentists in the Harrisonburg, VA Area

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One of the recommendations that is most sought after online is that of a great pediatric dentist in the Harrisonburg, VA area.  Going to the dentist can be a little unnerving for kids at first, so you definitely want to find a practice that puts your child at ease and is skilled and knowledgeable about working with little ones.  Because this question comes up so much, I have compiled this list based on the recommendations of experienced local moms!  Not all of the practices on this list carry the official title of “pediatric dentist”(meaning they specialize specifically in dentistry for children) but these are all practices recommended by other local moms.  So, check out these mom-approved options and contact me if your favorite pediatric dentist near Harrisonburg VA is missing; I’ll be happy to add to the post!

Pediatric Dentists of Harrisonburg, VA

The Most Recommended Pediatric Dentists In Harrisonburg, VA

  • Dr. Sarah McKnight with Harrisonburg Pediatric Dentistry is conveniently located on University Boulevard. Dr. McKnight has 4 children of her own and parents report that she does a great job with kids who have special needs.


  • Dr. Caitlyn Batchelor with Caitlyn Batchelor Dentistry accepts and processes all dental insurance plans. No dental insurance? “Get $50 off your first appointment which includes a comprehensive dental exam and high-tech x-rays. We also provide financing options with Care Credit and an in-house dental health savings plan. You don’t need dental insurance to afford great dental care.”


  • Dr. Christopher Angelopulos with Angelopulos Dental is the dentist with the bright red fire engine out front! His website states that he “chooses to be mentored by the top dental educators in the country. He ranks in the top 5% of his peers for treatment of complex restorative and cosmetic dental cases.”


  • Drs. Dunaway and Johnson of Valley Smile Care offer a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing space with a very courteous staff. Something to be aware of is that they are considered out-of-network with most insurance plans, but they will happily and efficiently process your claims with your insurance company.


  • Dr. Curtis Dean of Dean Family Dental “specializes in ALF Therapy. ALF (Airway Focused, Lingual Posture and Facial Growth Guidance) is a non-traditional therapy used to treat a variety of orthodontic problems as well as health problems. Dr. Dean may recommend an ALF appliance in children who have crowding to expand the palate and allow secondary teeth to move into place naturally, a crossbite, or sleeping and/or airway issues.” In addition to this, he has a beautifully lit waiting area!



  • Dr. Joan Anderson of Rocktown Family Dental Care explains how she treats pediatric patients in her practice: “Children need special care during their dental treatment. We take the time to explain our procedures to children using a process called Tell-Show-Do. We always take the time to handle children with sensitive understanding, which makes the child comfortable with the new environment.” Her practice is located on Evelyn Byrd Avenue behind the mall.



Pediatric Dentists Beyond Harrisonburg

  • Drs. Bryan Zopp and Beulah Warf practice in Elkton at Zopp Family Dental Center. A kid favorite is the television mounted on the ceiling that provides entertainment and distraction during procedures. Each staff member is friendly and considerate. As one mom said about her commute from Harrisonburg: “It is worth every single minute of the drive to Elkton!”


I hope this list is helpful as you decide which practices to contact for your pediatric dentist near Harrisonburg VA! Remember, you can always request to visit an office and meet some of the staff before committing to that first appointment; this can be helpful in determining if the practice may be a good fit for you and your kids!   Please let me know if there are any other great pediatric dentists in or near Harrisonburg, VA that you think should be on this list!

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