Birth Centre Charlottesville with Crowning Joy Midwifery

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If you are hoping for an intimate, relaxed, and natural birth experience, a birth center can be the perfect place to welcome your baby. With a team of certified midwives to guide you through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, The Birth Centre of Charlottesville is dedicated to helping moms embrace their inner superwoman and take control of their birth experience. 

About The Birth Centre of Charlottesville

The Birth Centre of Charlottesville is a part of Crowning Joy Midwifery. As an organization, they offer highly individualized care in a family-friendly environment. Their midwives focus on providing evidence-based care throughout your journey to motherhood – and beyond! 

Their luxurious birthing center features two spacious suites, each with a private entrance for laboring mamas and their families. Each suite has an indulgent, deep jacuzzi tub for use during labor or water birth, should you choose to use it. 

Additionally, suites have a private bathroom and a queen size bed, perfect for having plenty of space throughout your labor and delivery and for family-sized snuggles once the baby has arrived. Birth suites are also equipped with plenty of tools for monitoring mama and baby and emergency equipment should it become necessary. 

The private rooms also have wifi and CD players, candles, adjustable lighting, heated blankets and towels, birthing stools, birth balls, squatting bars, hot socks, kneeling pads, essential oils, and every other tool imaginable! 

Plus, friends and family are always welcome. Whomever you choose to include in your birth journey is welcome to utilize the fully equipped kitchen and family entertainment room with a tv for their comfort. 

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When you choose to deliver with Crowning Joy Midwifery at The Birth Centre of Charlottesville, you will receive comprehensive prenatal care, with unlimited prenatal visits, physicals, and paps throughout your pregnancy. It also includes lab work and ultrasounds, nutritional counseling, and more! Starting from your 37th week of pregnancy, you will have a midwife on call 24/7 when you go into labor. 

You’ll have constant professional labor support as soon as you go into labor. Once your baby is born, you’ll receive immediate postpartum care, breastfeeding and bonding assistance, and a comprehensive newborn exam. 

One of the biggest benefits of using Crowning Joy Midwifery is their unlimited postpartum checkups for mother and baby in the first eight weeks of your baby’s life, including an in-home visit. Whatever your concern, this birthing center can immediately address it. 

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One of the unique perks of using The Birth Centre of Charlottesville is their access to HypnoBirthing classes as you near your birth. 

Hypnobirthing is a philosophy based on the belief that birth is natural and normal. When a woman receives the proper mental, emotional, and spiritual tools for childbirth, she can experience “a gentle, safe, serene, comfortable birth, free of the fear and negative emotions that cause tension and labor pain.” 

HypnoBirthing teaches partners how to best support the laboring mother. It gives mothers the tools to stay relaxed, confident, and comfortable throughout childbirth. 

Birth Centre Charlottesville

Tours of The Birth Centre of Charlottesville are complimentary, so if you are considering utilizing their facility, be sure to set up an opportunity to see the birth center in person! 

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