Midwives Charlottesville Offering Outstanding Birthing Support

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Midwives offer an alternative to traditional medical practices and offer patient-focused, quality healthcare services that are compassionate and empowering for women and their families. Moreover, midwives can assist in everything from prenatal care to labor and delivery support to postpartum home visits and newborn screenings. These midwives in Charlottesville offer exceptional, friendly care to women in central Virginia. 

3 Midwives in Charlottesville Providing Variety of Exceptional Services

Charlottesville Midwifery

Charlottesville Midwifery is a midwifery practice that offers comprehensive, personalized, and holistic home birth and wellness services to birthing families in the Charlottesville area and central Virginia. Run by Kelly Sicoli, CNM, this practice aims to provide the best possible care to women as they navigate pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. 

Additionally, services include: 

  • preconception counseling, 
  • personalized prenatal care, 
  • home birth and water birth assistance, 
  • postpartum home visits, 
  • wellness GYN care, 
  • family planning, and 
  • in-home IUI. 

Kelly Sicoli has been helping birthing families since 2004 and also provides friendly, patient-focused care wherever patients feel safest. 

Mom to be wears a patterned maternity gown in a grassy field

Birth And Biodynamics

Birth and Biodynamics offers midwifery care in the comfort of patients’ homes, and midwives bring all of the necessary supplies and equipment. Midwives at Birth and Biodynamics offer safe, affordable care through personalized, respectful, evidence-based practice. Furthermore, prenatal care and home deliveries are done in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas. 

Midwife Dominique Clothiaux leads the team. Services include: 

  • maternity care, 
  • prenatal bloodwork, 
  • prenatal visits, 
  • support for home births and water births, 
  • newborn screenings, and 
  • postpartum visits. 

Specialty services also include massage therapy, placenta encapsulation, IUD removal, float sessions, and temazcal healing ceremonies. 

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UVA Health Midwifery Battle Building

3rd Floor

1204 W. Main Street

Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

UVA Midwifery offers a range of services for women through pregnancy and childbirth and primary care services for all stages of life. Services include: 

  • low-risk obstetrical care, 
  • routine well checks, 
  • evaluation and treatment of infections, and 
  • contraception counseling. 

The team of certified nurse midwives at UVA Midwifery provides hands-on care before, during, and after labor and delivery. Midwives develop personal relationships with mothers and their families to provide exceptional support during the labor and delivery. They can also give patients the skills and knowledge to have a natural birth with little to no medical intervention or pain medication. 

Midwives also encourage shared decision-making so that mothers feel informed and empowered to make health decisions for themselves and their families. After delivery, midwives conduct several home visits in the following weeks and months as mothers and families adjust to having a new baby at home. 

Midwives Charlottesville

In conclusion, midwives offer an alternative to traditional medical practices through patient-centered, personalized, compassionate care often done from the comfort of a patient’s home. Furthermore, midwives can provide everything from prenatal care to assistance with home births and water births to postpartum care and lactation support. These three midwives in Charlottesville, Virginia, serve women and their families in the area by providing exceptional support for women as they navigate their pregnancy and parenthood journey. 

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