Let Kids Learn at Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg!

A mom and dad hug while their four sons runs circles around them in a grassy field

A great children’s museum isn’t like a boring grown-up museum; it’s a place where imagination runs wild, and kids of all ages are encouraged to learn, explore, and play. The Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg is a fabulous place to bring the little ones in your life for an adventure full of laughter and learning, and there’s always something new to explore. Check it out!

About The Explore More Discovery Museum

Explore More Discovery Museum, or EMDM, was born out of an idea by local community members in 2002. It finally opened its doors twenty years ago on October 14, 2003, transforming how children in the Harrisonburg area learn, play, and engage with the world around them. While it began as the Harrisonburg Children’s Museum and was originally located in a different building, its transformation into EMDM came in 2010 when it found its permanent home at 150 S. Main St. 

While a lot about the museum has changed over the years, its mission to “engage young minds through interactive, multi-sensory learning experiences, promoting a greater understanding of themselves and their world” has never changed. They understand that children learn through active exploration, hence why all of their museum activities and exhibits are hands-on. Plus, they understand that children have different learning styles. Hence, those hands-on experiences provide opportunities for auditory, visual, and tactile explorations. 

EMDM is a phenomenal place where kids are encouraged to learn through play and discovery and just be kids! Whether you are looking for a place to spend the day or an engaging summer camp your kid will love, EMDM has it all!

A mom sits on a blanket hugging her four sons in a field explore more discovery museum

What To Explore

EMDM has a variety of exhibits that will keep kids playing and learning as far as their imaginations will take them. Some of their most popular exhibits include CK’s Kitchen and Farmer’s Market, where kids can select (toy) produce or dig up their own vegetables and cook up a culinary creation. The Construction Zone allows kids to try their hand at building new structures, and the TV Studio puts kids in front of a camera to practice their anchor and meteorologist skills in front of a green screen. 

Have a child who is a nurturer? They may find their calling at the Friendly City Medical Center, which encourages kids to learn about the exciting world of medicine and even explore a real full-size ambulance. Or, if they’re more interested in veterinary care, the Pet Vet exhibit allows animal lovers to examine X-rays, take a pet’s temperature, and learn plenty of other important ways to keep pets healthy!

There’s also the Science Lab, which has a variety of tools young scientists need to make discoveries and perform experiments; the Virginia Theatre, complete with a professional stage and a makeup table; and Down on the Farm, which will have your child exploring a big red barn, milking cows, collecting eggs from chickens, and more. If you have a toddler, they’ll love the Over in the Meadow exhibit, packed with soft play equipment that allows them to play, tumble, and explore! 

These and so many other exhibits make a day at EMDM an experience you and your kids will adore!

Four young brothers in matching shirts and jeans plays together on a grassy hill explore more discovery museum


In addition to their permanent exhibits, plenty of specialty events and activities at EMDM will constantly provide you with something new to explore. Their summer camps are a great way to keep kids engaged in learning even while not at school, and their weekly drop-in programs on weekdays provide constant new adventures in STEM, art, and theatre! Plus, it’s the perfect place for a super fun birthday party!

Explore More Discovery Museum

The Explore More Discovery Museum is a fantastic spot to make memories with your children as they learn, explore, and grow. Cherish every moment of seeing the world through their eyes, and encourage them to make the most out of a trip to EMDM with every visit! 

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