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Good Shepherd School in Harrisonburg, VA offers high-quality, enriching daycare and school programs with various options suitable for all families’ schedules and needs. With a tried-and-true curriculum for grade school students, a nurturing, safe daycare environment, and before-school and after-school care programs, Good Shepherd School is an excellent choice for any family’s educational journey. 

About Good Shepherd School in Harrisonburg, VA

991 Chicago Avenue

Harrisonburg, VA

Are you looking for a great school or daycare for your child in the Harrisonburg area? Check out Good Shepherd School and Day Care, serving Virginia families since 1992. This school provides the perfect start for your child’s academic foundation that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. 

From daycare for infants to programs for school-aged children, Good Shepherd School has a variety of quality educational programs tailored to suit every child’s developmental and academic needs. The school offers grade school programs for kindergarten through 12th grade, including before and after care and summer programs. 

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Good Shepherd School and Day Care is a Christian, non-profit school that strives to serve children and families in Harrisonburg, regardless of family background. High-quality care and individualized attention are provided by a team of staff who care deeply about students and their families, teaching them in a fun, safe, supportive environment. At Good Shepherd School, students feel like family!

This school offers quality educational programs for K-12 students and daycare for younger kids. The school uses the A Beka and ACE School of Tomorrow curricula. Learning Centers house grades 1-12, and students work in their own space, getting help as needed. Interaction is key to helping all students feel loved and cared for at the daycare. From songs and prayer to Scripture memory to confidence-building activities, children and students are always active and engaged during lessons, even from a young age. 

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Good Shepherd School also offers infant and toddler care, with two programs for ages six weeks to 15 months and ages 16 to 24 months. The daycare functions as a “home away from home” for babies and young children as they explore and learn in a safe, fun, nurturing setting. Caregivers do lots of singing, reading, and other enriching activities throughout the day and give individualized attention to every baby or toddler in their care. Parents receive daily reports of their child’s eating, sleeping, and diapering history. 

Good Shepherd School also provides drop-in care for all ages. This program can be especially helpful for public school students in the area whose parents work and need childcare alternatives. They can also arrange transportation for local schools. 

Home school is another option for families to choose from. The homeschool program allows parents to utilize the school’s curriculum at home, with books provided. This allows families to have extra flexibility when it comes to teaching their children while the school maintains official records. Home school students must physically attend school at least once every three weeks to have their work checked.

Good Shepherd School Harrisonburg, VA

From infant care to grade school programs to summer school and home school options, Good Shepherd School in Harrisonburg, VA provides families with a high-quality, flexible educational alternative to public schools. Children are cared for by staff who genuinely value their growth, development, and learning. Care is provided in a safe, enriching, empowering environment where children can have a great educational foundation for a lifetime of learning. 

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