Tots ‘N Toyland for Engaging Activities & A Quality Curriculum

A mother and father play with their four boys in an open field with tall grass

Finding the perfect daycare or preschool can feel like a monumental task for parents. Tots ‘N Toyland provides an excellent option for families in the Harrisonburg area of Virginia. This childcare center and preschool offers an enriching curriculum taught by friendly, compassionate staff in a safe, supportive, fun environment for babies and young children. Tots ‘N Toyland is an excellent place for families to access quality childcare for their little ones, from infant daycare to preschool programs. 

About Tots ‘N Toyland

167 Massanetta Springs Road

Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

Tots ‘N Toyland is a state-licensed preschool and daycare center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This center has an experienced staff that cares for children from birth through school age. Erica Dorsey and Callie Dean, mothers and childcare professionals with decades of combined experience, operate the center. 

Erica and Callie have extensive knowledge in early learning, specializing in speech, language, fine motor, gross motor, sensory integration, and social and emotional development. Callie and Erica also have experience caring for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, epilepsy, developmental delays, and learning delays. 

Children receive individual attention and care through small class sizes and caring, compassionate staff. Classrooms offer individualized attention for every child through enriching activities on various subjects. Each day is an experience that should exceed a child’s expectations. Teachers at Tots ‘N Toyland bring unique perspectives to the childcare center with an unwavering commitment to caring for every child. 

A young boy gives a big kiss to his mom who is holding him in a field tots n toyland


Tots ‘N Toyland conveniently resides nearby Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Interstate 81, and the Preston Lake development. They provide childcare for families in the Harrisonburg area and other regions within 15 minutes of the center. 

Affordable programs are available to children of all levels and abilities, including children with developmental delays or special needs. This center is an inclusive environment where children of all abilities can attend and thrive. Kids with special needs can receive speech, OT, and ABA therapies while at the center. 

The safety of the children is the utmost priority at Tots ‘N Toyland. There are extensive policies in place to ensure that the center remains a safe environment for children, helping them stay physically safe and avoiding illnesses. 

Care is available for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The daily schedule includes:

  • free play,
  • breakfast,
  • outdoor play time,
  • music,
  • lunch,
  • nap time,
  • arts and crafts,
  • snack time,
  • sensory play,
  • games, and
  • activity centers. 

A mom and dad stand in a field of tall grass while playing with their five young boys tots n toyland


Tots ‘N Toyland welcomes families of all backgrounds and beliefs, but the center operates with the belief that Jesus is Lord and Savior and all children should be able to learn about his amazing gift of life. If a family shares this belief and wants their child to join the 20-minute daily Christian lesson, they have that option. 

The Tots ‘N Toyland Preschool is where kids can learn everything they need to know to succeed in kindergarten. The center’s curriculum follows Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Comprehensive Standards. The curriculum for preschool focuses on literacy, history, social science, math, visual arts, personal development, social development, music, physical development, and science. 

Preschoolers can access enriching activities, and lessons are taught in a play-based, welcoming setting to instill confidence and a passion for learning. 

Tots ‘N Toyland

Tots ‘N Toyland in Virginia is where infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can grow and thrive in a safe, supportive, welcoming environment. With enriching activities and a quality curriculum, children at this center can enjoy learning about the world around them as they prepare for a lifetime of learning. 

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