Prenatal Massage Harrisonburg VA | 4 Relaxing Locations

Mother to be wearing a white maternity dress stands in a grassy field with the sun setting behind her over the mountains prenatal massage harrisonburg va

Pregnancy can be an absolutely magical phase of life – and it can also be exhausting! While your body works hard to create a new human being, you may find yourself with new aches and pains, overwhelming fatigue, and other challenges like insomnia. Luckily, some massage therapists specialize in prenatal massage in Harrisonburg, VA! 

Four Incredible Locations For A Prenatal Massage in Harrisonburg, VA

Prenatal massage features treatments designed to help alleviate common pregnancy complaints while ensuring that both mother and baby are safe and protected. Prenatal massages are typically gentler than regular deep tissue massages. They include careful support from cushions and pillows for extra comfort. The gentle touch of a prenatal massage can be physically and emotionally comforting to an expectant mother. Plus, it can result in the reduction of stress, anxiety, aches, and annoyances. Typically reserved for women in their second or third trimester, a prenatal massage can be just what you need to unwind, relax, and enjoy more of this incredible time in your life. There are several fantastic options for prenatal massages in Harrisonburg, and a few of them are highlighted below. Check them out! 

Atwell Family Chiropractic

Atwell Family Chiropractic’s mission is to improve the quality of every life. While their focus may be chiropractic services, they also offer massage therapy, including prenatal massages. They customize every massage to each individual patient to try and help each person target whatever may be ailing them. They believe in creating lasting relationships with each patient. So their wellness journey can be ongoing, creating a lifelong path to wellness, health, and a pain-free lifestyle. 

Mother to be stands in front of a red wall wearing a white maternity dress

The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch Wellness Spa & Laser Center is a relaxing retreat where patients can experience stress relief and pain management. They offer the best in holistic wellness and cherish long-lasting relationships with clients, business partners, and their Harrisonburg community. Each one of their treatment rooms represents one of the five elements of nature, a reflection of the organic relaxation and comfort found in the natural world. Their Mother-to-Be Massage includes proper draping and positioning to promote relaxation. It is also performed with all-natural products chosen to nourish the skin and enhance elasticity, perfect for a body stretching and growing with the gift of life.

Escapes Signature Massage

Escapes Spa provides various services and therapies to help their clients find holistic balance, including bodywork, energy healing, yoga therapy, aesthetics, hair styling, nail care, detox treatments, and more! While they offer over 30 different massage options, their prenatal massage is a blend of Swedish massage, hot stones, and lavender oil combined. This supports strained joints and muscles, eases sciatic pain and swelling, and safely reduces stress for both mother and baby. Indulge in a 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute treatment for a deliciously relaxing experience. 

Mother to be stands in a grassy field in front of a vibrant sunset prenatal massage harrisonburg va

Cedar Stone Massage

Cedar Stone Massage has a large unique facility designed to support their incredible delivery of wellness treatments and services. Their staff is constantly continuing education, so they can stay on top of the latest trends and techniques while customizing each experience to meet the needs of individual clients. Their prenatal massages are offered in side-lying positions, allowing therapists to alleviate stress on the back and legs while protecting mom and baby. For a little extra indulgence, their Great Expectations Spa Day is a combo of a prenatal massage, European facial, spa pedicure, and spa manicure, the perfect pampering for any mom-to-be.

Prenatal Massage Harrisonburg VA

These prenatal massage offerings in Harrisonburg, VA, are just what you need to ease what ails you. Schedule yourself a treatment today to enjoy every benefit of these amazing treatments. 

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