Top Recommended Orthodontists in Harrisonburg, VA

Orthodontist Harrisonburg, VA

If you’ve ever asked moms or dads who they recommend for orthodontists in Harrisonburg, you are likely to receive very enthusiastic responses! Most often those recommendations are for either Dr. Weiler and Dr. Kray. If you have a child who currently needs to see an orthodontist, or you just assume that one day you will, check out this overview of the two top recommended orthodontists in Harrisonburg, VA!

Top Recommended Orthodontists in Harrisonburg, VA

Orthodontist Harrisonburg, VA

Weiler Orthodontics and Invisalign 

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  • Location: University Boulevard, Harrisonburg (near Valley Mall and IHOP)
  • About Dr. Weiler: Dr. Weiler graduated at the top of his dental school class at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia in 2008, completed his residency, then moved to Harrisonburg in 2010 to take over Dr. Alvis’s practice, who had been a top rated orthodontist in Harrisonburg for many years. Dr. Weiler and wife Brittany have one daughter and three sons. “He loves interacting with his patients of all ages and looks forward to bringing smiles to life in the valley for many years to come.”
  • Information: If you need to bring younger children along to office visits, note that there is a play area for kids and a complimentary drink station for you! “Whether you need to catch up on work, recharge your device, or relax with a current magazine or newspaper, our reception area offers a variety of seating. Dr. Weiler loves to create beautiful smiles and beautiful art—our 3-D wall mural reflects both these passions!” Check out the photo tour of their office. Also, there is an interactive tool on their website that shows before and after photographs of cases treated by Dr. Weiler. You can slide the picture back and forth to examine the actual changes that occurred as a result of the orthodontics!


Kray & Giardina Orthodontics 

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  • Location: Evelyn Byrd Avenue, Harrisonburg (near Martin’s grocery store)
  • About Dr. Kray: “Dr. Kray has been setting the highest standards of excellence in orthodontics for over 20 years! She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California-Berkeley and her dental degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and the Medical College of Virginia.” Dr. Kray enjoys hiking, yoga, working out, gardening, and meditation.
  • About Dr. Giardina: Dr. Giardina recently joined Dr. Kray’s practice from Florida. She “attended the University of Florida where she received a degree in Biology. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and graduated at the top of her dental school class.” Dr. Giardina enjoys trying out new restaurants, attending sporting events, and hiking.
  • Information: Not sure when you should bring your child in for a consultation with an orthodontist? Here is Dr. Kray’s answer: “The official recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is that children should undergo their first orthodontic consultation by age seven. During this developmental period, your child’s facial and dental bones are still growing. As a result, treatment is often easier and less invasive. Detecting and resting problems at an early age can reduce the need for more complex procedures in the future, such as corrective jaw surgery.” Also, this page on children’s orthodontics is helpful in breaking down the various forms of treatments, especially if your family is new to orthodontics.


Both practices state that bringing your child in for an evaluation does not necessarily mean they will receive orthodontic treatment, so it really is risk free! Getting braces can feel scary to some kids and taking your child in for an office visit may help ease their anxiety. Both practices have many years of experience providing excellent orthodontic treatment for kids, so they understand the common fears. You may want to schedule a consultation with each of these top rated orthodontists in Harrisonburg, VA to see which feels like the best fit for your family!


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Orthodontist Harrisonburg, VA

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