Prenatal Yoga Charlottesville for Active Community of Mothers

Mother to be looks down at her bump in a grassy field

Prenatal yoga has many physical and mental health benefits for pregnant women, from improved circulation, decreased muscle tension and pain, improved mood and sleep, and preparation for labor and delivery. These three yoga studios offer classes for prenatal yoga in Charlottesville specifically tailored to women who are about to become parents. 

3 Studios Offering Prenatal Yoga in Charlottesville for Mind & Body Connection

Ashtanga Yoga

906 Monticello Road

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Ashtanga Yoga in Charlottesville offers prenatal and new mom yoga classes to support pregnant and new mothers physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Prenatal yoga practice intends to bring people in their childbearing journey into a community with other mothers going through similar experiences and challenges. 

Prenatal yoga also helps women connect with their changing bodies and growing babies. It also alleviates a variety of common pregnancy discomforts and promotes relaxation as the mother prepares her body, mind, and spirit for childbirth. 

Prenatal yoga classes also welcome new mothers to join, with personalized modifications if they need a more gentle practice as they recover from childbirth.

Mother to be stands in tall grass with mountains iin the background with her three older daughters prenatal yoga charlottesville


455 2nd Street SE

Charlottesville, VA 22902

ACAC’s roots trace back to the 1980s, founded by Phil Wendel, with the goal of creating a fitness club that was welcoming to everyone who wanted to exercise. Today, ACAC has 12 clubs in three states, including a location in Charlottesville. 

With high-quality equipment, a comprehensive group exercise schedule, and a wide spectrum of fitness programs for all ages and abilities, ACAC is welcoming to all people. 

Prenatal yoga classes are offered multiple times per week at ACAC. They give expecting mothers access to a community of women going through similar experiences. Yoga is presented in various styles for all fitness levels and focuses on breath, focus, posture, and movement. 

Mother to be wearing a pink maternity gown stands in a grassy field by a tree prenatal yoga charlottesville

Salute The Sun

2216 Ivy Road

Suite 206 

Charlottesville, VA

Salute the Sun in Charlottesville was founded by Shannon Burns, a Charlottesville native with years of experience teaching yoga. She has practiced yoga since the 1990s. Furthermore, she enjoys seeing her students reap the benefits of yoga for mindfulness and flexibility. She has also worked as a nurse practitioner. This experience has given her a deep understanding of the body’s functions and how they relate to yoga practice. 

Salute the Sun is a boutique yoga studio within walking distance from the University of Virginia. This studio focuses on small class sizes, intuitive sequences, connection, and community. The prenatal yoga class is ideal for pregnant women beginning their second trimester. 

Prenatal yoga aims to prepare moms for a positive birth experience. Through breathing techniques, core strength, and pelvic floor toning, prenatal yoga classes help women find a sense of calm and relaxation as they journey toward parenthood. The class also provides education about childbirth and addresses common misconceptions. 

Prenatal Yoga Charlottesville

Prenatal and postnatal yoga have many benefits for expecting mothers and new moms. These benefits include increased flexibility, improved mood, better sleep, and improved labor and delivery outcomes. These specialty classes are relaxing and empowering, allowing women to connect with their bodies and growing babies. These three studios offering prenatal yoga in Charlottesville offer women a place to find community and support as they embark on their journey to parenthood. 

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