Queen City Birth Services for Full Control of Your Birth Experience

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For years, it seems like we’ve had very limited options for where to give birth. You could have a by-the-books hospital birth or a natural home birth, and that was it. Thankfully, birth centers came along and created a happy middle option to give you everything you need for birth in a home-like environment. If you’ve been searching for the perfect option to let you take control of your delivery, I’d love to tell you about Queen City Birth Services in Fischerville. This lovely birth center is dedicated to giving women the birth experience that’s right for them! 

About Queen City Birth Services

Queen City Birth Services was started in 2018 by Erin Murphy, a Certified Professional Midwife/Licensed Midwife. For over 20 years, Erin has been attending births while having five kids of her own. To say she’s vastly experienced is an understatement! When Erin opened Queen City, she mainly focused on home birth assistance, education, and placenta encapsulation. 

In 2020, she expanded her practice by starting the only freestanding birth center in Fischerville. Erin has always believed that birth is a natural, physiological process; you’ll see it in her care. She wants to empower you to take birth into your own hands and see your body’s amazing abilities! The Queen City team also features Kamika Brown, a birth assistant, and Leah Rhodes, a student midwife. 

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While Erin continues to provide home birth assistance, these days, Queen City Birth Services is mostly known for its cozy birth center. The birth center has two suites with queen-sized beds, birthing tubs, sitting areas, and toilets. If you want to stroll the 1.5-acre property throughout your labor, you can do so. 

You can also enjoy some snacks and labor in the best way for you. Erin will be there at every point. She’ll see you for regular appointments throughout your pregnancy and work out a birth plan. She’ll make sure this is honored as much as possible throughout labor. You’ll stay at the center for a few hours after birth before you and your baby are sent to recover from the comfort of your home. 

You’ll have a few postpartum appointments to check your progress following delivery. The birth center is only one stoplight away from a hospital. In the case of a necessary transfer, you’ll have immediate access to care. 

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Erin still continues her home birth practice. She’ll formulate a plan with you so you know what to do once labor begins. You can rent a birth pool from Queen City if you’d like. The team will take care of most of the mess following delivery. Like a birth center delivery, you’ll return for multiple postpartum appointments. 

The center provides informative classes to ensure you feel ready for childbirth. You’ll learn all about the signs of labor, different methods for unmedicated birth, shared decision-making, and more! 

Queen City Birth Services

If you’re looking for a place to let you have the birth experience of your dreams, check out Queen City Birth Services in Fischerville. This fantastic birth center is here to give families control of their delivery. 

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