Check Out the Staunton Christmas Lights at Gypsy Hill Park!

A mother and father walk down a park path in fall with their three teen children walking between them before they see staunton christmas lights

At Christmas, the world seems to sing in twinkling Christmas lights. Neighborhoods, businesses, and sidewalks come to life with beautiful lights that make everything feel truly magical. The best place to see spectacular Staunton Christmas lights is definitely the Celebration of Holiday Lights at Gypsy Hill Park. Check it out!

About the Staunton Christmas Lights

Historic Gypsy Hill Park is an important part of the Staunton community. The land on which it sits was once farmland, sold to the Virginia Central Railroad Company in 1847. Several years later, in 1854, the railroad company sold the land to the City of Staunton with the understanding it was to be used as a public park. The park officially opened four years later and quickly became one of the town’s most popular gathering spaces. In 1871, a bandstand was added, and Staunton began hosting weekly concerts, eventually inspiring the construction of the Staunton Performing Arts Center years later. 

Today, Gypsy Hill Park is still one of Staunton’s most popular gathering places. It’s the perfect place for families to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, a quaint picnic lunch, or an afternoon of lawn games. It’s no wonder that, even over 165 years later, Gypsy Hill Park is a beloved part of Staunton. In addition to being a beautiful outdoor area, it’s also an excellent place for Staunton events – like The Celebration of Holiday Lights! 

A young girl sits on the steps of a narrow wooden bridge in the woods in fall in an orange floral dress

Holiday Fun

The Celebration of Holiday Lights is an immersive celebration of the season. It’s a free event that wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the Staunton community. The event features over 120 gorgeous holiday displays created and sponsored by local organizations, businesses, and families. It’s a genuinely whimsical way to embrace the spirit of the holiday season with the whole family. 

You can experience The Celebration of Holiday Lights one of two ways. Your first option is to pack up the car with all of your favorite people, pour yourselves some hot chocolate, and spend some time driving through the park. You can stay nice and cozy in the comfort of your car while taking in the sparkling sights. Or, you can always walk through the displays and take advantage of some of their great selfie spots, perfect for capturing a memory or two. You can even bring your furry friend to enjoy the lights with you! 

If you time your visit just right, you may even be able to wave to Santa as he prepares for another successful holiday season!

A father stands in the woods hugging onto his young son and daughter staunton christmas lights


One of the most special elements of the Celebration of Holiday Lights is their display of decorative holiday deer. This beautiful “herd” is a collection of glittering decorations dedicated to loved ones. Whether in memory of someone no longer with us or in honor of someone still living who is dearly loved, this beautiful display exudes love and respect. 

There is no fee to display a deer for your loved one, but there is a one-time $10 charge to add their name to the Tribute Board. Otherwise, you can contribute your own deer and find comfort in knowing their lights shine bright in honor of your loved one. 

Staunton Christmas Lights

There’s no better way to see beautiful Staunton Christmas lights than to visit the Celebration of Holiday Lights. Be sure to bundle up if you plan to walk, or bring an extra cozy blanket into the car to snuggle up as you drive through. Check their website for dates and times to ensure you catch all the Christmas spectacles this event offers!  

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