Prenatal Massage Charlottesville Options for Ultimate Relaxation

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Even early on, you may have begun to notice some new aches and pains that inherently come with being a superwoman and growing a new human being. Your body is now in a constant state of change, both physically and emotionally. Not to mention all of the emotional and hormonal changes that are happening and all of the new-mom nerves that come with expecting a baby. But don’t worry, it will all be worth it in the end! But that doesn’t necessarily help the discomfort of the now. Luckily, there are solutions to help you ease tension in your body and mind throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal massage in Charlottesville is one of the best ways to prioritize relaxation, release tired muscles, and relax an anxious mind. And the benefits don’t end there; prenatal massages can help you get better sleep, release feel-good hormones, and improve circulation! 

Three Best Prenatal Massage Spas in Charlottesville

Here in Charlottesville, we have several great day spas that offer prenatal massages to help you take control of your body. Read a little bit more about Boar’s Head Resort, Oasis, and Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts right here! 

Boar’s Head Resort

Boar’s Head Resort celebrates Charlottesville and the beauty of the land, the hospitality of its people, and the grace of community traditions. The resort itself “mingles the best with the best — classic with contemporary, refined with casual, tranquil with dynamic.” Their spa is a fantastic representation of everything they stand for, with a focus on wellness inspired by the rich heritage of Charlottesville’s natural surroundings. The spa was recently renovated in 2021, so as a guest, you’ll take notice of their state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious decor. Their treatment rooms are bright and sunny, embracing the natural beauty of the outdoors while still maintaining a clean and indulgent appearance. Their prenatal massage is pure luxury wrapped into a 55-minute experience, and as a Charlottesville mom-to-be, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your massage for days – even weeks – to come.   

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Oasis Day Spa and Body Shop is home to a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and attentive staff. Each of whom dedicated themselves to providing each guest with exceptional customized service. They are a “full-service day spa providing a refreshing, modern, and rejuvenating environment for the diverse Charlottesville community.” The massage treatments at Oasis focus on helping heal and relax the body and mind, inspired by time-honored techniques from around the world. Their Charlottesville prenatal massage is pure pampering, with a blend of natural oils used to nourish and condition pregnant skin. Your massage will be customized to you and your needs, so you may just leave feeling like a brand-new woman.

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Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts

Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts was founded by owner Kate White as a holistic maternity center. She designed it to meet the needs of expecting families. Kate trained in a variety of fields, specifically to work with the needs of women during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Her belief is that a prenatal massage, while relieving stress from carrying a child, can also nurture an expectant mother. Therefore, her baby also receives those benefits. The prenatal bodywork she offers typically corresponds with specific perinatal demands like a baby that needs to change position, a mother who is preparing for childbirth, or a breech baby, but the benefits of Kate’s work go far beyond in helping pregnant mamas feel better in their own bodies. 

Prenatal Massage Charlottesville

Now that you’ve read about where you can get a prenatal massage in Charlottesville, pick a spot and make an appointment for yourself. You deserve it! You deserve to feel good in your body, relaxed and free from pain and discomfort. See for yourself the good that a prenatal massage can do. 

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